Built For Hip Hop interviews artist Tyrone @CityOfTyrone Built For Hip Hop interviews artist Tyrone @CityOfTyrone
Thank you for taking time w/ us Tyrone. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from? Peace and Blessings. My... Built For Hip Hop interviews artist Tyrone @CityOfTyrone

Thank you for taking time w/ us Tyrone. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from?
Peace and Blessings. My pavement and my government is Tyrone and I’m from Louisville Ky.

What was life like growing up in Louisville?
Life is what you make it here in Louisville Ky. I was blessed to endure book smarts & street smarts in my transition from a boy to a man. Louisville is very small so everyday you step foot out your door you have to intelligently survive. First 48 the tv show documented the negative aspect of Louisville but really we have a lot to offer. I’m an advent reader so not only do I read books but I read people as well. All this paranormal activity in my city taught me how to maneuver out of town and mingle with some of the wisest men in the streets… because deep down at the core we all was alike with the same motive… that’s to win. But I love my city it made me the man I am today… so when you hear my music and you bopping to it and you LOVING it… Thank my city. “Louisville”

How did you get started in the music business?
I got started in the music business in 2014 with a guy from Atlanta named Mr. Formula. We did 5 Days 4 nights straight 8 hour days in the studio. The first night I recorded 19 songs the rest of the days was more engineering and photo shoots. Out of those 19 songs we had a panel and they picked a song I did titled “Fill You Up”. Ladies was loving it an Mr. Formula told me now I need someone to service the single. I got on Twitter and noticed a blonde hair woman named Tampa Mystic on my timeline advertising about her services. Ever since that day I always followed the same “formula” an still to this day I always give Tampa Mystic my music first. The passion I have for conveying my message to anyone who would listen is why I’m still here.

Who we’re some of your musical influences coming up?
My musical influences was J-One from Louisville Ky. He passed away but Lyrically to this day I’ve never heard a rapper spit street poetry like him. My brother Joe who is J-Ones cousin introduced me to him and his family & I learned the art of reality rap & keeping it real in my music.

You fairly recently re-branded yourself w/ a name change. How did this come about and why?
Dino from NY & Andre Wilmot a mentor I met through 300 Ent. We was texting each other back & forth and I was explaining to him that “Shor-T” the hyphen in my name was making it hard to find me on platforms it thought it was a typo. It just hit me that if I’m a “reality” rapper why am I hiding from my “real” name. It’s a minor setback for a major comeback but now my followers/ listeners/ streams etc. is going up because now I’m a lot easier to find just by searching “Tyrone – Freak” for example.

Give us some details on your single ‘Freak’ and where it’s available.
Freak is based on a true story about a young lady I went to school with. When I was in highschool I honestly didn’t know she was living this double life until she got killed and the news told everything. Not really a fan of dry snitching or playing with statue of limitations but I’m definitely going to be a blessing to her mother from the proceeds I get from this song. Freak can be found on all digital platforms also available on the Uncommon Information Ep I released last year.

What is your definition of Grynd?
My definition of Grynd is any real hustla especially trying come up you know he going hard when his brakes start grinding from bending corners. Grynd is anything/anybody coming up by all means necessary. I use to work for the Grynd… now the Grynd works for me. Might go over your head.

What’s next for Tyrone?
Definitely want to get more involved in my community. Feeding the homeless, talking to the youth, shooting a movie based on my life, and keep pumping out new music til my time run out.

Where can we find you online?
IG/Twitter: CityOfTyrone
And all digital platforms where music is distributed.

Any Shout Outs?
RIP my Brother Joe, Tampa Mystic, Dino, Point B Studios, Mr. Formula, Jojo, Andre, My enemies, and my so-called Friends. Peace & Blessings to you all.

Tampa Mystic