Built For Hip Hop interviews OleNutty! @MisterDotP Built For Hip Hop interviews OleNutty! @MisterDotP
What’s going on OleNutty? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from? Wats poppin Im OleNutty , MisterP I’m from the Soufside Clayco... Built For Hip Hop interviews OleNutty! @MisterDotP

What’s going on OleNutty? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?
Wats poppin Im OleNutty , MisterP I’m from the Soufside Clayco The real Southside tara Blvd , upper Riverdale rd, flint river, Taylor rd, Shyd I lived all over that muhfucka before everybody started claiming this shit Yay!

What was life like growing up in your city?
Everything wasn’t jus easy for me but I made the best out of shit I was always turnt up or getting in trouble bt I was smart as fuck in school cause I knew how to balance it out I fucked a lot I played lil sports I ain’t start smoking heavy til like 8th/9th grade I had jobs and shit too I been workin hard went to college got kicked out lol can’t go too far into that

How did you first get started making music?
Jus from me playin around disrupting class folks use to say it actually sounded good so I jus ran wit it now I’m here plus my bro Gwalla told me he rapped we had our lil duo goin for a minute made a lil smash hit called no limit a long time ago had the school goin Brazy bt he let me take the torch and run wit it and been runnin ever since

Since you started creating music, what projects (mixtapes/albums) have you released and where are they available?
I released a few projects
Who tf is Mr.P
Off addys
Eight 11

And my most recent one where I found my sound that I’m rocking wit is called
Don’t be Like P I feel like before this project everything was an experiment I was focused bt not like I was on this project don’t get me wrong they all ride bt this one was the one where people actually started sayin like “oh he serious serious ” to find all my music jus google OleNutty a few would pop up on spinrilla and my latest one on Apple Music, Spotify, tidal, deezer, all platforms Yay!

How did you come up with your name?
Ion have a definite answer shyd everybody been kallin me Pnut bt only if you know me if you don’t kall me P OleNutty jus a stage name and my rap name folks use to kall me Nutty I jus threw some together and ran wit it shyd to me it’s Kool and folks fuck wit it kinda give you a “wdf kind of name is that bt shyd let me check this nigga out kinda factor” bt I like Mister P too most my bitches kall me that or whenever I’m handling business

Tell us about your new single T.G.I.F
thank god its Friday jus got paid nother nigga bitch getting slayed this gone be the single that changes things for me it’s a feel good song it’s like dam I been working hard all fuckin week I hope they don’t mess my check up or it be late then wham! Direct deposit hit now you feel like spending some money, you got it on you! You ain’t waitin in no fuckin lines! Jus glad to get that check that check you been workin hard for all week bt message to everybody don’t be like P and blow it stack that bread up Yay!

Give us 3 words that describe you as an artist.
Ion got 3 I got 4


What’s next for OleNutty?
Whatever the wind blows shyd OleNutty gone do his thang regardless he jus takin his time now wit it cause this game makes muhfuckas see OleNutty gone change it in his own way OleNutty get noticed and shit is gone get ugly It’s OleNutty it’s MisterP no fuckin spaces when you spell that

Where can we find you online?
For right now jus keep up with my instagram @OleNutty5 I’m under major construction I’m getting this shit together I’m puttin this shit together so it won’t fall apart Yay!

Any shout outs?
Yea shout out to my team my family Show Money Blow Money they motivate a nigga when I be like fuck this shit help me out whenever I really need it I definitely got them no matter what shout out to Plentyy Drip go check his music out that’s family shout out to dee Richie go check bro shit shout out to all my old hoes shout to the bitxhes I’m gone get shout out to the money I’m destined to make shout out to clayco shout out to Albany bt fuck them at the same time shout out to whoever fuckin wit OleNutty and shout out to who ain’t also fuck them Too! Show Money Blow Money Show Money Blow Money Show Money Blow Money they keep tellin me I say it too much bt SHOW MONEY BLOW MONEY 🦆

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