[Album] Cashjunky Baby – ‘Decorated Silence II’ @cashjunky_baby
Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate silence. “Decorated Silence II” is the 6th project in 6 months from Cashjunky Baby. The project is executive produced by producer “Decorated Silence” who returns for the second installment. Full of high energy and real emotions, DS2 allows... Read more
[Album] Jim Krow – The Uninvited
Jim Krow – The Uninvited Stream on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jim-krow/sets/the-uninvited Stay Connected https://www.instagram.com/jimkrow/ Facebook Jim Krow Read more
[Album] Trapshotta Rally – Good Vibes Only
Good Vibes Only By Trapshotta Rally Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Trapshotta Rally moved to New York, USA to be with his family where he continued with aspirations to pursue a music career.. After establishing his name in the dancehall community, he decided to move to Atlanta, GA where... Read more
[Album] JayloTheGreat – Infinitely Isolated
Jalen, better known by his stage name JayloTheGreat, is an artist from Mobile, AL who has learned to express himself through his music and through his vibes. He moved around for most part of his life but he finally decided to plant his roots back in Mobile AL in... Read more
[Album] Scotty Music – The Kitchen @scottymusic815
Scotty Music drops his highly anticipated new project, The Kitchen. Listen to the full tape below. Scotty Music, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. He was born and raised in Joliet IL, a town 45 miles away from Chicago. Violence and gang activity was prevalent in the... Read more
[Album] Natalac – Pimp of the Nation @Natalac74
Natalac – gives us his campaign on why he declares himself the “Pimp of the Nation”. Natalac gives a live Coast 2 Coast performance of the single where he declares that he is the pimp of the nation. The pimp rapper says if you don’t like how he’s living... Read more
[Album] Badd Newz – Threat2Society @BaddNewz334
Badd Newz – Threat2Society Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/threat2society/1402244457 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/305Crboax6EcDWxKIqaFzW?si=_1omXsPiRwinJowV_8n1pw Tidal: https://tidal.com/album/90793462 Memories Official Video: https://youtu.be/Nmx0TNcaYik Stay Connected website: www.baddnewz.com Facebook: BaddNewz334 twitter: BaddNewz334 Instagram: BaddNewz334 OFFICIAL VIDEO Badd Newz – Memories ft Smoke from Field Mob Read more
[Album] YM – Cookin’ up Sauce @YM_CookinSauce
Saint Louis native YM drops his self produced debut project, Cookin’ Up Sauce. Every song has a different sound and lives up to the title making this project well worth listening to over and over again. Available on all digital outlets http://smarturl.it/sqsctj Stay Connected Twitter / IG Name: YM_CookinSauce... Read more
Domineko Shares New Album “Perfect Weekend” | @dominquedamon
Kansas City, Missouri native Domineko drops off his newest project in “Perfect Weekend”.   The 12 – track project shows Domineko in a more comfortable state of his music as the project reminisces on all types of emotion that has brought him to this point. Domineko’s musical sound is a... Read more
[Album] Bugzb -Rise of the Hybrid @Bugzb215
What makes Bugzb different today’s rapper is his usually ability to switch between of music. Instead of just making trap/street music or party music. Bugzb loves to dabble in every style. Whether it’s party music street music R&B and music with a positive message. Bugzb may be new to... Read more